Roofing Done Right.

Our business philosophy is the same as it was on day one: always focus on the customer and how we can help them. We don’t strive for big business, just good business.

We provide a variety of services to homeowners in the Fresno area, including: standing seam metal, tile, composition shingle, slate and options for flat roofing. We also provide carpentry related to roofing, rat-proofing and roofing repairs in Fresno. Our crews are highly trained, and our quality control and quality assurance is second to none. We take care of our customers from beginning to end, providing them with top-notch service and support throughout the entire roofing process.

About Us



At Roof Pros Roofing, our core philosophy is to bring value to the marketplace. We do this by following the golden rule of providing our services as we would want them provided to us. This means a variety of things, including prescribing to the concept of “constant never ending improvement.” In order to achieve “constant never ending improvement,” we have integrated the teachings of MIT professor W. Edwards Deming, who believed that quality and performance can always be improved without impacting cost.


Roof PROs Roofing offer an honest opinion of your unique roofing issue. We combine the latest software technology and roofing equipment in order to provide our customers with the best solution possible. Roofing isn’t rocket science; however, it does take a group of individual’s believing in the same values to do what is right. We strongly believe that we will quickly become one of the leading roofing contractors in the Fresno & Clovis Areas because of the principles we believe in and the high standards of roofing that we follow.

How Does Your Roof Affect Your Homeowner’s Insurance?


Our Company is dedicated to installing roof systems the way they are intended to be installed. Any roofing contractor can receive certification from roofing manufacturers. However, only those dedicated to performing outstanding work are certified by some of the best manufacturing companies in the U.S. Our installers and project managers have an outstanding reputation for getting the job done right, the first time. The commitment and passion we exhibit towards our craft has endeared us to our customers as well as to our suppliers and manufacturers. The pride we take in our workmanship is evident in how outstanding our roofs look when we are done, but also how clean we keep the grounds around the building/residence.


How many times have you received three separate opinions from three separate contractors? It is very possible that it has happened often. We at Roof PROs Roofing pride ourselves in providing the right solution to our customer based on the customer’s needs. We are not going to tell you that you need a new roof if you don’t need one. If we can extend the life of your existing roof, we will provide you with that solution first.


How many times have you received a change order (a change order is a document requesting your approval for additional work not included in the original contract) during your project? We try to make change orders as painless as possible. Often times, owners or managers are not available to take a “quick look,” much less climb a ladder, to verify what is stipulated on the change order. We make every effort to provide digital photographs of the areas that are in question or require your immediate attention. We don’t like change orders because they slow down, and in some cases, stop the roofing project. However, there are unforeseen conditions that arise during a project. By having the ability to provide photographs with our change orders, you can rest assured that you are only paying for what is needed.


We firmly adhere to an ethical and moral behavior. For example, we will not sacrifice the integrity of a roof system in order to complete a project ahead of schedule. Roofing standards and installation guidelines set by roofing manufacturers are meant to be followed; failure to do so jeopardizes your roof, your home’s value, and potentially your homeowner’s insurance. We are committed to following these standards in order to ensure that our customers receive the roofing systems they deserve. With a staff of trained professionals utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we are committed to complete customer satisfaction.


Good roofing safety practices not only help ensure timely completion of your re-roof project, but also help ensure your safety. In few instances, some roofing contractors do not carry the proper insurance, and an injury on your project can drag an owner into a huge mess. Our insurance and our roofing safety practices guarantee that this will not happen to one of our customers. Our teams have bi-monthly safety toolbox talks as well as “safety job setup” meetings before the commencement of a new project. We take our safety seriously, and our commitment to continuous training helps ensure our employees’ safety as well as that of our California Roofing customers.


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Experience is recommended with a good driving record.

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