How Roofers In Fresno Beat The Summer Heat

Central California is a region that is known for high temperatures and excess heat; its temperatures often rise to unmanageable levels. Roofers in Fresno have unique knowledge in how to deal with this challenge, excess temperatures not only damage your roof early but it also makes it unbearable for habitation. Roof Pros expert roofers manage this through various tactics and methods like green roofing, and other roofing systems that make houses comfortable havens to stay in. There is the aspect of using ideal energy saving and heat cooling roofing materials. Here are some tips and approaches expert roofers in Fresno use to dodge summer heat:

  1. a) Green Energy Solution:

There is a wide range of steps to take to ensure a green energy solution; it involves planting trees and green vegetation around homes to bring a cooling effect around a home. The process comes in handy to curb the adverse effects of the summer heat, when green covering is planted around homes, the home will experience cooling effects to both the home and the roofing system. Vegetation is an ideal way to deal with fierce weather condition.

  1. b) Green Roofing System:

A green roofing system is one of the most beautiful vegetation that is planted to make a roof; the system is cost effective in the long run for any roofer. Green roofing involves planting vegetation over a water-proof solution, so the solution enables the vegetation to grow very fast making a huge canopy over the house. Green roofing systems are now popular in the entire United States of America, but areas like Atlanta is even more saturated with green roofing systems than any other regions of US.

  1. c) Solar Powered Attic Vents:

This system is ideal for the cooling effect of your home and roofing vents, when you use solar powered attic vents, they will serve two purposes with the same process. The vent attracts sunlight heat to the solar cell; once the solar vent tapped sunlight is heated it converts it to electric power through the cell itself. So as the sunlight power is used to power your home, the vent itself cools down your house in the process, hence saving energy and keeping your home cool at the same time.

  1. d) Attic Insulation:

Attic insulation also performs two different functions in your roofing system, you can identify whether your roof needs attic insulation to save you up to 20% on energy. If you can identify a portion of the roof where the frost has melted then it means heat or warm is unevenly distributed there. So that calls for attic insulation to curb excess heat that could damage your roof and make your house inhabitable.

  1. e) Solar Reflective Shingles:

Solar Reflective Shingles is a good roofing system especially where temperatures are high, just like in the Southern parts of Atlantic where temperature goes crazy at time. Reflective Shingles especially from GAF-ELK offers cooling effects in the entire roof when installed properly by professional Roofers in Fresno like Roof Pros Roofing, visit Roof Pros for all unique and professional roofing systems that beat excessive Fresno heat and saves energy to a big percentage.

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